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{Throwback Post} Our Family’s Homeschooling Journey Was Featured in a Magazine!

A throwback post is my way of migrating the blogs I wrote many years ago to this site. This particular post was written in August 2015.

I’ve got exciting news to share with you guys! If you know me personally or if you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time now, you know that my heart is to share whatever I know and whatever’s in my heart.  I’ve always said that if I keep all that I know to myself, what use is that, really?

So when a friend asked if I was willing to talk about our homeschooling story with her friend who worked for a magazine, I poured my heart out into each question she asked via chat. Little did I know, it was for Good Housekeeping Magazine! A day or two later, we found out that we were one of the four families they chose to feature and guess what?! We’re in this month’s issue (August). It’s the one with Jennylyn Mercado on the cover. *wink* (Shameless plug, I know! But, why not? Right?)

Before we even had a chance to get a copy, a few friends (who are avid readers of the magazine) messaged me about it and told me that they are encouraged by our story and some of them are thinking about homeschooling their kids too.  My goal when  I told our story was to help spread the word about the beauty of homeschooling and by getting that response, I believe we’ve achieved our goal. Or at least, we’ve helped debunk certain myths about homeschooling. *wink*

                                                                                                          Myth Busters!

(Clears throat) But wait, there’s more! (I couldn’t help it, sorry.) My mommy friends and I got invited to share our homeschooling adventure with a group of parents who were interested in taking the homeschool plunge as well.

The talk was all about the realities of homeschooling so we shared a lot of our boo-boos and embarrassing stories. (If you homeschool too, you know we’ve all got loads!) Moreover, we got to tell them about a lot of our win-win, ultra-rewarding and encouraging stories too. I really hope we were able to help them decide if homeschooling is for their family or not.

Whenever I get the chance to give talks about homeschooling and parenting, I always say yes because I believe it’s my small way of helping out the community. I don’t hold back in sharing the mistakes I’ve made along the way. If someone learns from my mistakes, then it makes everything worth it.

So, as you go on this journey again with me, may my stories, experiences, booboos and all encourage you and hopefully I get to hear from you guys too, so I can learn from you as well.

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