About Me

Hallooo!!! I’m Owie Burns dela Cruz, how do you do? Thank you for visiting my site! After reading my stories, I thought it would be fitting to introduce myself to you. 🙂 

I’ve really embraced the role of a storyteller and I use it to help as many people as I can.  I love sharing stories because I believe our experiences and the things we realize and learn are meant to be shared – no matter how painful or embarrassing they are.  If any of my stories help anyone, then it’s made the whole experience worth it.

Sharing a bit of my background may help you understand where I’m coming from. 

I live in the Philippines but I was born in Hong Kong where my parents met. My dad always told people that he’s British because he was born in London, but he always failed to go into detail that his dad was Scottish and his mom was Argentinian. I like sharing that detail about our heritage because it’s my way of honoring my grandparents.  I have a Filipino mom (which says a lot about how I was raised!) and she was a solo parent with 5 kids when she met my dad. That means I grew up in a blended family even before a term was coined for it!

I too have my own little blended family. I was a single mom with my then  5-year-old son when I met my musician husband. Two years later, we were blessed with a daughter. We’ve been homeschooling our kids since 2011 and in 2017 we decided to unschool.  We recently adopted an Aspin puppy named Emo and we are absolutely in love with him! Collectively, we are known as #BarneysCradle. (My husband, Barney, was in a band called Barbie’s Cradle and that’s how most people know him! Since we are his home, it was perfect to be called his cradle!) To know more about our family, just scroll through my posts!

Prior to becoming a homeschooling/unschooling mom, I was Managing Editor for a teen publication called The Word 4U Today. I’ve also worn hats as an events host, voice talent, dubber, newscaster, scriptwriter, broadcast journalist, and public speaking teacher for teens.

Currently, I am the Executive Director of Abot Tala, a Self-Directed Learning Center for Teens. It’s an exciting alternative to mainstream high school worth checking out.  I still consider myself a homeschooler/unschooler but on a bigger scale because my heart has expanded to include other families who are looking for unconventional ways to learn throughout their teen years.

The most important story I can tell you is about why I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I didn’t ever want to be a Christian. I used to tell Christians to be quiet whenever they started talking about Jesus. I was really mean. I actually went faith shopping, hoping to find something cooler or hipper than Christianity, but you know what? Only Jesus was able to scoop me out of the deep, dark hole I dug myself into for many, many years! I am alive today because He literally saved me. He’s real, guys. That’s something I can never deny.  Oh, and  I realized that Jesus is a really cool and hip guy after all. 🙂

I’ve got way more stories but I’ll save that for my posts. If you’d like to connect and get in touch with me, just shoot me an email: owiedelacruz@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you too!