Public Speaking Mentorship

I mentor kids, teens, and adults when it comes to public speaking. My program runs for 10 weeks, 1 hour and 15mins per session, once a week. 8 sessions are online and 2 sessions are in person. However, if you’d like for all sessions to be online, that’s fine as well.

My program is very personalized and interest-led. The goal is to love speaking in public and not fear or hate it. Before we begin we’ll have a discovery call to find out what you’d want to achieve in the 10 weeks that we’ll be learning together.

For rates and to set our discovery call, please fill up the form at the end of this page. You may also email me at or send me a message at 09152864494.

Events Hosting

I’ve been hosting corporate events, weddings, and whatever other events possible since 2002. Get in touch with me if you have an event for me to host! 🙂

Interest-led Learning/Self-Directed Learning/Unschooling Speaker or Mentorship

Our family has been homeschooling since 2010 and unschooling since 2017. I was also the Executive Director of Abot Tala, a Self-Directed Learning Center, for almost 5 years. If you need a speaker for this topic or if you need a personal mentor as you start your unschooling journey, just get in touch with me.

Product/Service Review or Posting

I also write and create content about different products and services. Interested? Just fill up the form below.

Creative Services for Various Projects
Send me a message and tell us more about your creative needs. mojo creatives manila, the creative collective I’m part of, is ready to help you out!