Write, Write, Write

I obviously haven’t written in a very long time here. I haven’t had the urge to write anything and it felt like I had no time to write at all. That’s simply why this site has been collecting internet dust this whole time. But I’m back. Again. So imagine me clearing up the space as I start to dive back into writing.

The past two Fridays I’ve been getting into the groove because I lead a writing session for teens at Abot Tala. I knew that doing this was the most effective way for me to start writing all over again. We’d use the writing journal, “Write, Write, Write” — which was put together by two of our teens at Abot Tala with the guidance of our awesome writing mentor and published author, Mich Alagao.

On both Fridays I used the very first prompt in the journal: “Write about the first thing you see to your left.” During the first session, I wrote about a fridge, particularly about the red fridge I bought at a seaport a long, long time ago. It was cute and that was the only reason I got it. It was for the very first apartment I lived in and because I didn’t know any better, I didn’t test if it worked. As soon as I got home, that’s when I discovered that its purpose in that apartment was to be a decorative piece and storage space for things that aren’t perishable. Boo for the fridge not working but yay because it still had some use…somehow. I still have no idea what I did to that fridge.

Last week, using the same prompt, I wrote about Emo, our dog. I wrote about how we found him and how life hasn’t been the same since we adopted him. He’s a goofy, sweet, sometimes snobby, and choosy Aspin. We often call him spoiled — coz that’s exactly what we did to him — spoil him. He deserves a good life. Whenever I hug him or baby him, I would often tell my husband that I never expected to love a dog this way. I grew up being scared of dogs, simply because my mom was scared of dogs. My dad loooooooooved dogs but he settled for dog stuffies and dog slippers and anything else he could use that was dog-themed. That’s how much he loved my mom. If he were around, I bet he would spoil our not-so-little Emo too.

Oh, it feels so good to write again. I forgot how much I enjoyed writing. Sometimes it really takes a special project like this writing session I’m currently in (say hi to the teens I’m with!) and this really special writing journal of two teens I’m extremely proud of. I now look forward to using it every week.

If you’d like a copy of the Write, Write, Write journal, send me an email at abottala.ph@gmail.com. It’s only 195 pesos. It’s a great Christmas gift if you ask me. It’s also such a great way to get back into writing because the prompts are so fun and not intimidating at all! If you’ve always wanted to start writing or if you’ve been wanting to write again – this is your sign to just Write, Write, Write.

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